Sports Services

Through a full range of services, Mahapatra Universal Limited helps create a more attractive product and add true value for commercial partners and fans.

Media Production

To transform sports events into an appealing media product ready to broadcast across any media platform, Mahapatra Universal Limited offers full service production capabilities. Producing a high-level broadcast signal and media content for the world’s biggest sports events.

Media Rights Distribution

As one of the leading producers and distributors of sports content in the world, Mahapatra Universal Limited has a reputation and proven track record in the successful global distribution of sports media rights.Media coverage is the engine that drives exposure for sport.

Mahapatra Universal Limited Digital Solutions

Through an in-depth understanding of the sports market, Mahapatra Universal Limited delivers digital solutions to help rights holders, media companies and sponsor brands build a fully immersive and connected digital strategy - exploiting the full potential of digital for commercialising sport.

Archive Management

Mahapatra Universal Limited supports rights holders to offer a versatile service to broad casters keen to exploit video archive material. Comprehensive one-stop shop ensures build, index and management of sports video libraries of any scale.

Sponsorship & Commercialisation

Mahapatra Universal Limited works closely with rights holders to grow sport and its commercial value, creating more attractive event platforms and adding true value for commercial partners and fans.

Branding & Promotion

Comprehensive communication, branding and promotional services enhance sports events in popularity and prosperity. Mahapatra Universal Limited has an experienced in-house team .

Event Development & Operations

A broad spectrum of services holds the capacity to transform events into highly competitive, world-class platforms. Assistance is offered that covers the technical development of athletes to the operation of events.

Hospitality Sales & Implementation

As a full-service provider Mahapatra Universal Limited consults, develops, sells and implements professional sports hospitality packages.Corporate hospitality in a sports context is a job for specialists

Live Advertising Solutions

Mahapatra Universal Limited offers event organisers a full inventory of cutting-edge live advertising solutions - ranging from state-of-the-art LED systems to static boards. An experienced team implements.

Finance, Legal & Administration

To ensure sustainable success and strength of major sports events, Mahapatra Universal Limited provides rights holders and event organisers with complete finance, legal and administrative support.

Mascot Development & Logo Design

An effective event logo or mascot requires extensive research, creativity and innovation. Mahapatra Universal Limited has proven experience developing logos.

Broadcast Academy

Established to create a broadcasting legacy, the Broadcast Academy by Mahapatra Universal Limited.Established to create a broadcasting legacy,the Broadcast Academy by Mahapatra Universal Limited