Sponsor Services

Sport offers multiple opportunities to boost brand market position and increase exposure. MUPL offers exceptional opportunities for client success through state-of-the-art solutions and in-depth expertise.

    1. Consulting & Evaluations

    Consulting brands on effectiveness of sponsorship and evaluation of the appropriate investment.

    2. Activation & Fans Engagement

    Whether through venue advertising, tailored promotions or creative concepts, MUPL will find the best ways for its clients to activate their sponsorship involvement and engage with fans.

    3. Digital Content Creation

    MUPL provides a one-stop shop to develop tailored content to reach today's digitally-immersed, mobile-active, social media savvy and content-hungry sports fan.

    4. VIP Entertainment & Hospitality

    Creating one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences at top sporting events, helping sponsors to create networking opportunities and cement business relationships.

    5. Sponsorship Implementation

    Complete services to effectively promote sponsor brands through an emotional environment and customised fan engagement approaches.