Research and Knowledge Management

Research plays a central role in everything we do. Whether we're talking about sales, trading, investment banking or asset management, insightful research is indispensable in providing value to our clients. Research is the heart of our company's efforts to identify some of today’s best investment opportunities that are consistent and congruent to each client’s wealth management strategy.

Our research provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the economy, markets, individual companies and financial products essential in recommending successful investments.

The goal of our research initiatives is to provide the best in class wealth management research products and services to our clients. We carefully evaluate both cyclical and secular market conditions in order to provide appropriate strategies as well as tactical asset class recommendations tailored to the investment needs of our client.

The most important aspect of our research efforts is communicating relevant information to our clients in a timely and useful manner. To this end, we have always believed in putting it in writing. Not only does this writing discipline serve to keep our clients informed, it fosters critical thinking among our analysts and leads to conclusive, action oriented recommendations. In addition to our written research, we encourage an open line of communication between our clients and analysts. We pride ourselves on our analysts accessibility and our quick client response times. Our research can be delivered in a number of ways and shortly will also be available through our Research online section.