LED Lighting

Batten LED Tube Light For Home Lighting Systems

Elegant design with decorative polycarbonate end caps,Uniform glare free light with SMD LED technology. Aluminium extruded heat sink for effective heat management.Wall mounted, protected from dust and insects.

LED Streetlights

We have designed and developed latest state of art LED Street lighting Solutions. By replacing conventional lighting and using LED Street lighting energy can be saved up to 40 %.An LED street light is an integrated light that uses light emitting diodes (LED) as its light source.

LED Moving Display Board

IP based LED Message Scrolling Display Board as per your requirement.Bright LED display boards are visible from long distance say up to 100m or even more.Our unique customization and integration services reduces delay to almost NIL or negligible.


LED Down Lights

An LED-based system such as a down light needs more than just efficient, high quality LEDs. Optical, thermal, and power solutions that are geared towards optimal performance and longevity of the system are key elements to the success of the application.

LED Panel Lights

Application Areas Widely used for various commercial lighting and residential lighting applications, such as offices, shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, hospital, home lighting etc.


Astronomical Timer Switch

Time Switches are used to control events with respect to real time clock (RTC) whereas timers are used to control processing times. Therefore RTC forms the basic difference between timer and time switch functionality.


Our Other Products

GPS clocks for accurate time,LED characters