Equity Research

The Equity research division was formed to strengthen the critical linkage between research and our wealth management business activities, as well as to ensure that the needs of our various client segments are met. The Equity research division is focused specifically on servicing our esteemed clients and leveraging macro and micro economic research views to produce insightful actionable investment ideas targeted to our customers.

We approach our equity research effort from 2 directions- from top down and bottom-up. Our top-down approach, based on our economic and market analysis provides a big picture perspective from which we assess the overall economic climate, formulate a market strategy and identify attractive industry niches, products, themes and trends.

Our bottom-up approach, based on our fundamental company research, serves to root out those companies positioned to benefit from market opportunities identified by our top-down work, as well as to uncover new opportunities from a grass roots level. By employing these two approaches we meet somewhere in the middle with successful investments recommendations.