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Mahapatra Universal Limited offers comprehensive solutions for executing projects and supports client for the entire life cycle of the project by undertaking assignments for pre-project activities, activities during project implementation and also post-commissioning of project.


Present across Hydrocarbon sector to Industrial and Infrastructure segments, Mahapatra Universal Limited has scripted various success stories in the challenging Indian business environment, with operations spread across sectors such as Oil & Gas Processing, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Cryogenics, Infrastructure and Industrial solutions.

These sectors reflect the growth of a country's economy and a lot is at stake when it comes to building these National Assets. We are proud to have built some of the finest amongst them in India and abroad.

1. Power

Reliable Power is one of the most vital segments of infrastructure that sustains economic growth and is the backbone of prospering and vibrant nation. Mahapatra Universal Limited proven engineering & project implementation skills coupled with the rich experience of Foreign Partner has executed multiple captive power plants for prestigious customers in sectors like Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Independent Power Producers as well as in large scale thermal power plants worldwide; gives us the impetus to excel in the power sector.

2. Water

We recognize that water is a scarce commodity and thus have entered into making water and its uses a more viable and productive affair keeping in view the scarcity of the product. Mahapatra Universal Limited has used its expertise in engineering and other sectors to implement various processes related to the conservation and utilization of water for industrial and social uses. This involves raw and wastewater treatment, recovery and recycles plants, zero liquid discharge systems.


With changing global realities India is set to become manufacturing hub for various industries. With vast experience and knowhow accumulated over the years, Mahapatra Universal Limited with its global partners is most adept in offering a wide range of services and has ability to implement wide range of industrial projects. In the realm of industrial manufacturing, we have the expertise to set up plants for food processing, float glass, automobile components, specialty chemicals, bulk drugs and paints besides a host of other things.


Indian agriculture is in dire need of fertilizers and chemicals to boost its productivity. "Mahapatra Universal Limited has an illustrious history in this field since it started its journey in India contributing immensely to the fertilizer sector by providing Japanese technology and engineering services." As the Indian fertilizer sector experiences a new era of growth, Mahapatra Universal Limited in association with its international partners, are well set to meet these demands with its state-of-the-art technologies and unparalleled experience.


From its humble beginnings in the mid sixties, the Indian Petrochemical Sector has come a long way with global sized plants not only meeting local demand but also exporting products to global markets. Over the years, Mahapatra Universal Limited is playing an important role in enhancing the growth engine of India’s economy by serving the entire value chain of petrochemicals right from Naphtha/Gas cracker to midstream and downstream petrochemical products. We have proven our proficiency in various olefins projects as well as aromatic complexes. Our expertise also covers petrochemical intermediaries' projects such as EO/EG, Iso-propyl Alcohol, Caprolactam and PTA.


India is moving towards Natural Gas and R-LNG to complement crude oil as a cleaner source of primary energy; and is fast building the infrastructure to import LNG. Since the past few years Mahapatra Universal Limited has been setting up such facilities for storage and dispatch of liquefied gases through cryogenic solution. Cryogenics involve critical safety and design considerations to account for their low temperatures and pressure requirements. Starting with Ammonia (-33°C), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (-45°C) to Liquefied Natural Gas (-161°C); we have handled them all. Mahapatra Universal Limited with the experience of its Global Consortium are preferred as a one-stop solution provider for cryogenic storage systems with 'Design to Construct' competency for turnkey solutions.

7. OIL & GAS

Oil & Gas is Mahapatra Universal Limited’s strongest forte'. Our portfolio developed over the years showcase prestigious works in this sector for Prominent Fortune 500 companies and various renowned corporate houses worldwide. We have worked on an array of oil & gas refining projects, including CDU / VDU, Delayed Coker, Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC), Hydrocracker Unit, Diesel HydroTreater, Sulphur Recovery Unit, Catalytic Reforming Unit, Isomerisation unit, Amine Treatment Unit, Flare Gas Recovery Project, Gas Gathering stations, Dew Point control and many more. Our exposure to world class technologies and strong relationships with major process licensors, gives us the capability of working as ideal solution providers.