Electrical & Mechanical Fitments

i) Insulator Hardware

The entire range of insulator hardwares for Suspension & Tension strings upto six bundle conductor for application on transmission line of various ratings upto 800 KV. .

a. Suspension String

b. Tension String

ii) Conductor & Ground Wire Accessories

We offer the entire range of Conductor Accessories for single or bundle Conductors.These include Midspan Compression Joints, Repair Sleeves, parallel Groove Clamps, Vibration Dampers, Spacer Dampers for Twin, Triple, Quad & Hexa Bundle Conductors, all types of Spacers and Armour Rods. Accessories for various sizes of Ground Wire are also manufactured which include Suspension Assemblies, Tension Assemblies, Midspan Joints, Repair Sleeves and Earthing Rods.

iii) Sub-station Hardware, Clamps & Connectors

We have been manufacturing a whole range of Hardwares and Accessories for application in Various Substations of different ratings. Those include Tension and Suspension string with and without Turn Buckle, IPS Tubes, clamps and connectors of different type like Parallel groove Clamps & T-Connectors.