Corporate Governance

Corporate governance at the company is driven by a simple principle - 'Achieve right results by right means'. The Company even transcends legal guidelines and attempts to venture into the hearts and minds of all its stakeholders in its steadfast approach.

Corporate Governance is a journey rather than a destination. We continually work at improving its practices and processes as it spreads its presence through continents to touch more and more lives. 'Balancing the interests of all its stakeholders,' is the prevailing motto during this journey.

The seven core values, which are now deep rooted in the organisation, vibrate and resonate with the spirit of principles of corporate governance.

Entrepreneurial culture of the organisaton builds value-adding business and enhances shareholders' value.

Teamwork and Relationships bring in the synergy ofhuman intelligence, contributing to organisation's wellbeing, openness and transparency.

Deliver the Promise puts in place the system of responsibility and accountability at every level.

Learning makes the organization more agile and competitive, and also enhances the employees’ knowledge, competencies and net worth. This builds the employees’ career with increased rewards and enables him/her to deliver more value.

Social Responsibility ensures the organisation meets all legal and tax compliances and safeguards the interests of the society and environment. More importantly, it leads us to recognise the wants of the needy and mobilise the organisation’s resources for their redressal and upliftment.

Respect for Individual treats every shareholder, employee, vendor, customer, citizen and each stakeholder with sensitivity and respect.

Humility, above all, constantly keeps achievement-triggered-arrogance under check and empowers every employee to discharge his fiduciary duty with complete responsibility.